There are many programs at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. However, the most fascinating and outstanding class of them all is Robotics. Robotics is a class where FDR students can build and program their robot to do almost anything. FDR’s freshmen students are not only learning about robotics, they are becoming experienced coders.

Mr. Hans, one of the Robotics teachers, says that the Robotics class is a 4 year program, with a mixture of coding. It is where students can explore engineering and coding in high school, and they can possibly pursue it in college. In freshmen year, Cougars are learning the basics of building and coding their robots. In sophomore year, students work with more advanced principles. Then, in junior and senior year, students can take AP Computer Science to get college credits.

The freshmen students are learning how to code with statements such as while loops, build & evaluate Boolean statements, and conditional statements. The most important thing that Robotics class does is enhance problem solving skills. For example, the first step for students is to decide what they are going to code, thinking “what’s the problem?” From there, they draft their plan and  execute it. Finally, they revise the code to improve the program’s performance. Mr. Hans says that working with the freshmen is challenging, but he is looking forward to spending the whole school year with them. Having the same students for the entire year gives him the opportunity closely monitor their progress and development as future engineers.

Robotics is just one of the many great courses being offered here at FDR! A special thanks to Mr. Hans for letting The New Dealer visit his class!