Muhammad Ahsan- Upperclassman of the Month


It’s a new year, and we have another Upperclassman of the Month. Junior, Muhammad Ahsan, has been working very hard, which is why he he deserves the title of Upperclassman of the Month. Muhammad moved to the U.S. only about a year and half ago, but he has managed to settle down comfortably at FDR. He feels everyone has been very welcoming towards him. Coming from a different country, he enjoys FDR very much because of the diverse students and staff. Everyone has been very friendly and made it much easier for him to excel.

His favorite subject is History.  He is taking A.P. U.S History, but he claims that he did not really enjoy history before this class. His teacher makes the class fun for all. The environment in the classroom is very comfortable for everyone to express themselves.  He also enjoys being challenged by a college level class. We are certain that Muhammad’s teachers appreciate him, just as much as he appreciates them.

Muhammad wishes to bring change, raise awareness, and improve his surroundings. In school, he is currently a member of the Key Club. The club does community service, as well as raise awareness in the FDR family. He also writes for The New Dealer. He see this is a platform for him to express his voice and reach out to people, which is necessary to bring change.

Muhammad’s advice to students attending FDR, or any other high school, is to stay focused and work hard. It is important to work hard, but also have fun. There has to be a balance between having fun and working in high school. It is important for students to start working hard right now, in order to be successful in the future. “If you work hard right now, then your future self will thank you,” he says. We certainly agree with that statement.

Muhammad has a strong desire to become the best version of himself, and he is always working on improving himself. He is not sure why he was chosen as Upperclassman of the Month, but it is certainly because of his work ethic and dedication to his school. He was very surprised, as well as honored, but we are sure his teachers are not as surprised as him. Congratulations Muhammad! Glad to have you in the FDR family!