Sebastian Buendia- Underclassman of the Month



Sebastian Buendia is this January’s Underclassman of the Month! Sebastian was nominated by Ms. Gargiulo for his hard work in the classroom. According to Ms. Gargiulo, “He’s mature, hard working, and an all around good guy. Sebastian came to us from Colombia. He has only been in the country for a short time, yet his English is amazing!”

Sebastian really likes attending FDR. He feels he can focus on his work, and his teachers provide all the help he needs. Sebastian really likes studying Global History. He enjoys learning about different cultures and points of view. It does not feel like work to Sebastian, it feels like fun. Sebastian looks forward to gym class everyday, because he gets to play the sports he enjoys and get exercise. He does not get enough time after school to play sports, so he really looks forward to gym class.

Sebastian believes the key to learning is to see the positive in what you are studying. He also recommends participating in class as much as possible. Arguing a point, or talking about a topic, can really help you remember it. Sebastian is doing amazing in his classes, so this must be good advice.  In addition, Sebastian enjoys helping his classmates whenever he can.

Congrats Sebastian! We are very happy to have you in the Cougar Family!