Cougars of the Month- Darnaldy Riboul


FDR is full of amazing students who have many talents. This month we are celebrating Darnaldy Riboul’s success as a student and applauding her for her work in the school play, Into the Woods. Darnaldy enjoys FDR a lot, because she believes that there are teachers in the school that are genuinely interested in her future. In addition, the school offers a vast amount of activities that can fit into each student’s interests. These activities, and the diversity of the school, are what keeps the school interesting.

Darnaldy loves to solve problems, which is why Math is one of her favorite subjects. She is very fascinated by Science and very interested in History. She is a part of the Drama and Girls Empowerment Clubs at FDR. The Drama Club is like her second home, and the people in the club are just like her family. Her advice to new students at FDR is to choose friends carefully. According to Darnaldy, there are many amazing individuals in the school who you can easily connect with. She encourages students to speak to the staff, because they will try to help students as much as they can.

Although Darnaldy is not sure of why she was chosen as one of the Cougars of the Month, she believes it is because of dedication and persistence. She refuses to accept nothing but her best, and works hard until she believes she has done her utmost. Regardless of if she is good or bad at something, she will do her best and always give a 100%. We congratulate Darnaldy, and wish her continued success! She is truly one of our best!