Doomang St. Jacques – Cougar of the Month


Congratulations to Doomang St. Jaques for being named our Female Cougar of the Month. She loves attending FDR, because FDR offers many clubs, activities and teams for students. Doomang has taken part in our Flag Football team and Cheerleading. She has made the most of all the opportunities FDR has to offer.

Doomang’s favorite subject is English, because she feels comfortable speaking about the topics being discussed in class. She feels a little less secure in other classes, but she gives them her best effort. Her advice to new students at FDR is to join teams and clubs. Doomang suggests that new students should be open to new experiences and meet people here at FDR. She believes it is important to be a leader, because you can develop a strong sense of identity.

Doomang was nominated to be the Cougar of the Month by Ms. Karagach, because Doomang tries her best in her classes. In addition, Ms. Karagach is inspired by how well Doomang overcomes obstacles. She never gives up! She just keeps pushing herself and focuses on her work .

Way to go Doomang! We our proud to have you representing the Senior Class of 2019!