The Department of Education has instituted an AP for All program here at FDR. Advanced Placement, or AP, is a program run by the College Board. It allows students to take courses where they can gain college credits and qualify for more advanced classes once they begin college. AP classes offer students involvement in intro-level college courses, while still in high school. Additionally, students get college credit for the class if they pass the AP exam. An AP exam is fundamentally a test on everything students learn in an AP course. Therefore, AP classes are particularly designed to assist students to prepare for the AP exams. Taking an AP course, and passing the test, could be a sign that students are able to handle college-level work, which looks great on college applications.

Historically, AP classes were only for high average or honors students. Students of that level had more opportunities to take college level courses. AP classes are now open to  ALL students interested in AP courses. All FDR students now have access to rigorous academic classes. Ms. Imbemba, the Assistant Principal of Social Studies, is currently overseeing the program at FDR. She explained that many students need to be aware, that by enrolling in AP course, the students must be prepared to challenge themselves and work harder than in previous courses. A student who takes an AP course in high school is more prepared for the rigor of college level work. In order to accomplish this goal, Ms. Imbemba, and the FDR Administration, are planning to open a Writing Center for AP and Pre-AP students. This will allow students to access additional support to ensure that their writing is meeting college level standards.   

Ms. Imbemba wants students to understand that they shouldn’t take AP classes if they aren’t going to take it seriously. AP classes are for those who can commit and work hard academically. She believes that ALL students at FDR can do it, and she is absolutely correct. FDR students are able to handle “the productive struggle” and become college ready now! All we need to do is prioritize our studies, and work hard, because once we are in college, it will be self- directed studying. Are you prepared to accept the challenge? As Ms. Imbemba says,”WORK HARD NOW, THEN GET REWARDED LATER ON!”