FDR’s Literary Magazine, For Inspiring Young Writers


“Every secret of the writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his work.” – VIRGINIA WOOLF

New Dealer had a chance to interview one of our great English teachers, Ms. Pipitone, about a brand new club that has been created here at FDR. The club was developed to ensure that FDR students, who are interested in writing, have a chance to explore their craft. If you have a passion to be a part of the club, you are always welcome to join it!

 What is a literary magazine?

“It’s a literary and visual arts magazine, and we are looking to collect submissions from our students that are creative. We are looking for creative writing pieces such as prose, poetry, short stories, and essays. We are creating a place for students. where they can share their writing talent and their artistic talent, because we feel like there isn’t really any place to share their work with each other.”

 What’s the purpose of holding a club like this if we have school newspaper?

“Well, the newspaper is more of a nonfiction periodical. FDR doesn’t really have a place for creative writing. I know that the newspaper does have a section where they sometimes write about music and poetry, but this magazine is dedicated to creative writing. Where a newspaper is more factual and informational, we are more for sharing a student’s artistic writing abilities.”

Will you be publishing your work somewhere? Online or in print?

“We are looking to publish digitally. Perhaps sometime in the future, once we have gotten off the ground, we would be interested in publishing something tangible, a physical publication.”

Who can join the club? Should students have some talent or will just interest be enough?

“Anyone can join the club! Everyone who would like to share their work, and help others to edit their work are welcome. If they are interested in the process of putting together a magazine, they should come to our meetings on Tuesdays, room 309, period 9!”

 Do you have anything to say directly to our FDR Cougars?

“Don’t be shy. Don’t be overly critical about your work. If you would like to share something, please come forward and join us!”