Nicky Beruashvili – Male Cougar of the Month


One of our hardest working students, Nicky Beruashvili is our Male Cougar of the Month! He was chosen to be the Cougar of the Month by his Guidance Counselor, Ms.Karagach, for his great and respectful attitude towards his peers, staff, and teachers. FDR is known as his second home. He likes attending FDR, because FDR gives him many opportunities which will guide him towards his future goals.

Nicky’s favorite subjects are Math, History, and English. He believes those subjects show him the “power of greatness” in himself. They provide him with the knowledge that gives him erudition. Nicky feels that knowledge is the key to achieving his goals. Nicky is very interested in pursuing acting, business, and politics after high school.

Nicky is excited to devote his time and energy to his school life at FDR. Currently, he is part of Student Government and Christian Club. He is a sophomore representative, and he is the youngest representative on FDR’s Student Government. Nicky has been working on Student Governments since 7th grade. After high school Nicky would like to continue on Student Government at the university level. He enjoys taking part in Student Government, because he is given the opportunity to represent the students of FDR. Nicky is a proud member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. He devotes himself to God and to the teaching of God and Jesus. His faith and morals led him to be a member of the Christian Club, where he learns more about Christianity.

Nicky’s advice for new students at FDR is to respect their peers, teachers, and staff. According to Nicky, respect leads to the path of success. Ignorance won’t help students achieve greatness. As long as they follow rules, they are on the right path towards achieving their goals of advancement and scholarship.

Congratulations Nicky! We are proud to have you as a member of the Cougar Family!