Tahiya Naoshin – Female Cougar of the Month

Tahiya Naoshin - Female Cougar of the Month

Congratulations to Tahiya Naoshin for being chosen as the Female Cougar of the Month. Tahiya’s appreciates the generous and understandable community at FDR. She really likes attending FDR, because she is provided with materials for her classes and academic assistance when needed. Tahiya is a proud member of the Cougar community.

Tahiya’s favorite subject is Math, because she feels that she understands it and really likes the teachers. Along Math, Tahiya has acquired an interest in Global Studies. According to Tahiya, “Mr. Hayes and Ms. Holden makes the topics interesting from one to another.” Tahiya believes that when teachers make the topics interesting, students obtain more focus in learning those subjects.

Being a part of clubs and teams during the school year, helps make the school year fun and interesting for Tahiya. She is member of The New Dealer and the Student Ambassadors. She joined The New Dealer to develop her writing skills. The New Dealer gives her  a chance to write more and acquire additional writing skills for her college essays. She took part in the Student Ambassadors to represent our school and help recruit great students for FDR. She was inspired by the Ambassadors during her Freshman Orientation. After Freshman Orientation, she knew she would be a proud Student Ambassador for FDR.

Tahiya’s advice to new students at FDR is to try and not let others get in their way. She wants new students to be the people they desire and dream of. Tahiya encourages students to be leaders, not followers. Don’t let any person stand on your way of accomplishing your dreams, plans, and goals.

Tahiya was nominated by the Staff at FDR for showing enormous passion and hard work in every step she takes. Her hard work finally paid off! She feels honored to be nominated as a Female Cougar of the Month.

Way to go, Tahiya! You are setting a great example for all our Cougars at FDR.