Ayesha Mustafa – Cougar of the Month


Congratulations to Ayesha Mustafa for being chosen as a Cougar of the Month. She made the best choice in her life, so far, by attending at FDR High School. Ayesha likes FDR, because it offers many opportunities for students, not only to build as a student, but also as a person. On top of that, she loves the diverse community at the school, which makes it a great learning environment.

Ayesha’s favorite subjects are APUSH (AP United States History) and Math. She likes her APUSH course, because AP courses challenge her every day. In addition, the course prepares her for college. Ayesha also enjoys Math, because she likes working with numbers and finding the right answers to given problems.

Ayesha is involved in many clubs at FDR, such as Bowling, Origami, Trailblazers, NHS, and the Environmentalist Clubs. The reason she signed up for those clubs was that they not only look good for her college applications, but they also help her in establishing other life skills for her future. Clubs are the place where she was given an opportunity to meet new people and be more involved at FDR.

Ayesha strongly encourages students to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. This is a good bit of advice from one of FDR’s hardest working students. Joining different clubs that link your interests will help you in establishing connections in the future. In addition, they expose students to engage with diverse groups of people. Ultimately, clubs relieve some stress, and give students the ability to voice their ideas.

Ayesha believes she was chosen as a Cougar of the Month, because she worked hard and did not allow obstacles to get in her way. Even when she faced failure, she took it as an opportunity to fix her mistakes and improve upon herself. Not being defined as, “a failure is a necessity for success,” according to Ayesha.

Congratulations Ayesha! You are setting a great example for all of our Cougars at FDR.