Biru Li -Math Star


Biru Li is FDR’s Math Star! Biru believes there are many great opportunities at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. FDR is a marvelous school, that has excellent teachers. Biru Li likes to attend FDR everyday, because her teachers at FDR show their pride by caring for Biru. Biru was nominated by Ms. Acciarito for her outstanding achievement in her Advanced Placement Calculus class.

For most students, Mathematics is a complicated subject. However, Biru excels at Math, because she understands the content and the real meaning of Math. Biru loves to solve challenging Math problems. Biru is following her interest, and she is a proud member of our FDR Math Team. She joined the Math Team last year to give herself a chance to experience competition and acquire better skills in Mathematics.

According to Biru, students need to “be brave, to be yourself.” Students should have pride in their achievements. Biru also believes that students should respect people that are older than them, because our elders know more about life thanks to their experiences. Students need to appreciate their teachers, as the teachers at FDR have enormous knowledge.

Li believes her passion for Math is the reason she received this honor. She truly cares about her studies and wants to do her best every day. Another reason why she was chosen to be FDR’s Math Star is because she is always willing to help her teachers and classmates as much as she can.

Congratulations Biru Li! You have made us proud!