Barakat Jooda- Female Underclassman of the Year!


A big Cougar Family congratulations to Barakat Jooda, for being named the Female Underclassman of the year! Barakat really likes FDR. She thinks the teachers are really nice and caring. In addition, there are so many opportunities for students here at FDR. Barakat’s favorite subjects are Mathematics, Science and E.L.A, because they are really interesting to her. She loves coming to school and learning new things everyday.

Barakat is currently in the Female Empowerment and Equity Cub. She is all about promoting equality, showing support, and serving as a louder voice for other people who are not brave enough to speak. She feels strongly that students need to be comfortable voicing their opinions in today’s world. Barakat is also a proud member of the Track Team, because she loves running! Running makes her feel free and happy. In addition, she is also a part of FDR’s Student Government, because she wants to serve as a representative, and a voice, for unheard students at the school

The advice Barakat would give to a new student is that they should try to be involved in school events and build a good relationship with their teachers and counselors. According to Barakat, “Don’t be shy or scared, just go for it.”

Barakat was chosen as the Underclassman of the Year, because since day one at FDR, she has been trying her best to improve as a student and person. She clearly is a model for all of our Cougars!

Way too go Barakat! You are making your Cougar family proud.