Water for Life



FDR is taking a stand and trying to change our world for the better. In the morning, and throughout the school, FDR will be taking donations for Water for Life.  Water For Life’s mission is to help communities in need develop safe and sustainable water sources. By combining formal instruction with hands-on training they teach people how to construct and maintain their own local water resources. Their focus is not simply to provide safe drinking to those in need-their goal is to help people gain the knowledge and experience they need to help themselves and their communities.

Water for Life uses a combination of appropriate water technologies, water health education and basic research so that communities can identify and solve their water problems.  Water for Life operates with an all volunteer staff, many of whom raise their own support as well as the finances needed to complete their projects.

I special thanks to the Christian, Muslim, and Environmentalist Clubs for heading this fundraiser!

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