Otabek Sobirjonov- FDR’s First Composter of the Month


Barakat Jooda, Reporter

A big congratulations to our first ever Zero Waste Week winner here at FDR. Otabek has shown his great understanding of recycling, and he is very keen to let every other student here at FDR know how to recycle properly. He thinks it is a great honor to win this award, and he is very grateful. He deserves accolades for trying his best to improve our dying earth.

Otabek hopes to set a good example for other students. If he can win this award, so can any other student in the school. According to Otabek, “it is very important to recycle, to save the Earth from being damaged fast.” He also thinks that students here at FDR need to show more zeal, when it comes to recycling. He claims, anytime he is in the cafeteria, almost every student puts their trash into the wrong recycling bin. Most of the students just throw their whole tray with the food, cups, tissues, wrappers and other things, into the brown or compost bin, not even bothering to recycle every item on their tray.

Otabek feels like FDR, especially the Green Squad, is doing a great job trying to get everyone to recycle, because most schools just do not pay enough attention to recycling. He hopes that in the future, more students at FDR recycle properly and show they care about the Earth.

Way to go, Otabek! Mother Nature is so proud of you. Thanks for being a role model for other students at FDR.