Get To Know The FDR HS Math Team!


The Math Team here at FDR High School was founded by Fred Galli, a Math teacher who passed away two years ago. He is still greatly missed by his former students and colleagues. Mr. Galli pioneered the Math Team and met with students weekly.  He created FDR’s own math competition, the South Brooklyn Invitational Math Competition (SBIMC), an event we were able to host at FDR for the last five years with different schools across the five boroughs. After Mr. Galli’s passing, Ms. Chan stepped in to help the Math Team and has continued to do so. Ms. Sivaprakash joined last year as a co-advisor/coach. Our Math Assistant Principal Mr. Catalano has provided, and still provides, great support for the Math Team. 

The FDR Math Team is a very unique club at the school. The team gives students the opportunity to not only learn more about math, but also be able to show their knowledge on the subject. The Math Team, similar to other clubs and organizations at FDR, is online at the moment. However, there’s many engaging activities available when taking part in this club. In this club, students are able to engage in and solve problems from many different concepts of math and take a look at NYCIML ( New York City Interscholastic Math League) problems. Other than that, solutions to the problems, and different strategies of solving the problems, are displayed to further broaden a students knowledge on working out such problems. Different mathematical theories are observed and discussed throughout the club members.

Now that the club has been transferred to online, there are zoom meetings offered in order to keep the regular activities going and to keep the members engaged. In addition, students are able to attend NYCIML’s Zoom sessions, where members can ask for hints and explanations for the NYCIML problems and discuss the questions. Along with that, NYCIML has also created a discord server where members can ask questions any time and receive up to date announcements from them. Stuyvesant High School will be hosting the 4th Annual Downtown Mathematics Invitational (DMI) on December 12th which is usually held in person at a highschool in NYC, but will be held remotely, yet live in the sense that all participants will be taking the contest simultaneously.The competition will take place from 8:30am – 4pm and in this contest, students from FDR HS and many other highschools in NYC take part to compete in solving mathematical problems. This competition consists of four rounds. The first one is a power round lasting 30 minutes. The second round is a team round lasting 30 minutes. The third round is an individual round lasting 60 minutes. The final, fourth round is a marathon round lasting 26 minutes. This math competition is a great opportunity for FDR, and its students participating, to show their knowledge and represent FDR HS.

If anyone is interested in joining the Math Team, and wants to take part in the club, they should feel free to email and speak to Ms. Sivaprakash or Ms. Chan!

Ms Chan’s email: [email protected]  Advisor/Coach 

Ms Sivaprakash’s email: [email protected]  Co-Advisor/Coach