The FDR Clubs Are Back!


Cougar Clubs are back and online! Contact the Advisor below if you are interested in joining!!! After the Advisor Listings, there are some postings from Advisors.

Clubs /Advisor / Email

Anime /Catalano/ [email protected]

Chess Club /Hans/ [email protected]

Christian Club/Lefkowitz / [email protected]

FDR Theatre Club / Meyers / [email protected]

Dreamer’s Club / J. Chan / [email protected]

First Generation / Sullivan / [email protected]

Gaming Club / Braco / [email protected]

Girl’s Coding Club / Keselman / [email protected]

Hispanic Club / Sierra / [email protected]

Math Team / Chan, Sivaprakash / [email protected]

Mock Trial / Cortes / [email protected]

Movie Club / Dong / [email protected]

Muslim Student Association / Abdelaziz / [email protected]

My Brother’s Keeper Club / Voltaire / [email protected]

National Honors Society / Acciarito / [email protected]

Robotics / Catalano / [email protected]

The Lounge / Born, Sivaprakash, Yorra / [email protected]


The First Generation Club- Mr. Sullivan

The First Generation Club provides a space for low-income students to engage in a discussion about disparities they see in the education system and how it impacts them. The club will discuss statistical analysis on the effect of COVID on low-income communities of color, versus rich communities. In addition, we will provide opportunities for students to discuss and share information about internships, resume building, and scholarships. We want to learn from society’s problems and create a collective mindset to spread awareness and make students understand that we can all achieve great things, despite our financial circumstances- if we raise our voice.

FDR Theatre Club- Mr. Meyers

This club is for those who want to learn more about theatre and to share their love and appreciation for theatre! We will look at various types of theatre, share our thoughts, theatre experiences, and some original student work.  We will read some scripts and perform scenes for activity purposes.  We may even collaborate on a short performance. ( This club is different than the FDR Theatre Company which usually puts on live productions in school)

The Christian Club- Ms. Leyow, Ms. Lefkowitz, and Ms. Parkinson

Are you Christian? Are you not? Do you go to/have you gone to church (even online)? Have you never been? If so, then you and all are welcome. The Christian Club will be held on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. starting January 6th. My name is Ms. Leyow and I, along with Ms. Lefkowitz and Ms. Parkinson, will be the facilitators. If you are interested/curious, then please email any or all of us and let us know (emails are below). Then get ready for fun and fellowship!

The Lounge- Ms. Sivaprakash, Ms. Yorra, and Ms. Born

The Lounge is a student club for everyone interested in self-care, empowerment, and building community A student-led effort aided by the nonprofit national organization Bring Change to Mind, its goal is to help and support our students and our community through educational resources for self-empowerment and growth. During this unprecedented time, many of us are dealing with overwhelming stress and anxiety.

The purpose of our club is to build a safe place to feel comfortable, supported and heard while learning strategies and coping mechanisms to handle the stress that we face every day. In general, by promoting health and well-being, we hope that this will lead to greater productivity within students’ lives and academic careers.

The Math Team- Ms. Chan and Ms. Sivaprakash

The math team will begin meetings to work on different problems using strategies that you may or may not have heard about in your math classes.  Our goal is to enhance our mathematical understanding and experience the joy of mathematics as a family. We participated in different competitions, like NYCIML and friendly competitions with different schools across the New York City. We hope to continue in these activities that celebrate mathematics in a virtual setting.

Muslim Student Association-Mr. Abdelaziz 

As-salamu alaykum/Peace be upon you all. My name is Mr. Abdelaziz and I am the club advisor for the Muslim Student Association. If you are interested in joining the Muslim Student Association, please complete the Google Form. We will have our first meeting in January. Look forward to hearing from you all.

The Chess Club- Mr. Hans

If you are interested in participating in the Chess Club, please fill out this Google Form. Our first meeting will take place in January.