Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest: The Winner Is Liba Shabbir!


Barakat Jooda, Editor

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to get students involved, the Student Government hosted a “Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest.” They asked students to write poems about or to their Valentine. In addition, the winner of the contest had the option to read their poem on FDR Quick Talk, which is the school’s podcast hosted by Jasmina and Barakat, two members of the Student Government.

After receiving a good amount of poems from our students, a winner was chosen! In First Place, the winner of the contest is Liba Shabbir. Enjoy her winning poem!

“Mending Souls” by Liba Shabbir

Like the burning flame upon a candlestick disappears 

Beneath the existence of a candle snuffer 

Or the way the invisible air kisses the violent fire to death 

Is the way you murder the misery in me 

The way you waken the starlight in me 

Your soft vivid touch like a filoplume feather 

Ignites my mind and mends my soul 

Above us seasons start to depart 

Grasping us by our wrists — taking us with them to a castle-like cottage 

Besides a harmonious waterfall 

We talk about lovers who fell on the way 

Like shooting stars and autumn 

As we glide in the air — we talk about them falling 

Like naive dreams do, when the mind gets older 

You show me a crack on the surface of your heart and 

I run my index finger across the sore rigid bumps as you feel mine 

And like two friends sent from the king of paradise just for one another 

We stitch each other’s cracks 

And restore each other’s gaps 

Congratulations to Liba and our second and third place winners, as well as everyone else who submitted a poem!