May College Decision Day Is Coming!!!


Alex Koiv, Contributor

May 1st is College Decision Day! The New Dealer is happy to have Alex Koiv share his advice and experience preparing for the college admission process. Alex has yet to decide where he will be attending this fall. His choices are Brown University, Cornell University, and Georgia Tech. We at The New Dealer are honored to have Alex as one of our own! Best of luck Alex!

The last year of high school certainly contributes to the most unique experience of being a high school student. Despite the need to perform well academically, students are also required to think about higher education and ultimately ask themselves, “What do I want to do in the future?” Well, here is an oversimplified rundown and timeline of the college admission process from a current Senior, that future Seniors can follow to stay on track, by completing all parts of the process, as accurately as possible.  

Summer: A great time to start brainstorming the topic of your essay. Most colleges use either the Common Application or Coalition Application website to process all of the applications and other necessary materials, so be sure to check out the most recent college essay prompts to select the one you are most interested in writing about. Begin outlining the main points of the story you would like to convey to admissions officers, by first creating a theme that reflects your overall character. Push yourself to finish the first draft of your essay before the start of your senior year. 

First Part of Fall: Research colleges and universities that fit your interests the most. There are multiple resources available, such as Niche and the college websites themselves, to help you understand the overall information about the college and the opportunities available. Also, consider applying to college fly-in programs, which will enhance your college research by giving you a chance to experience student life at that particular college. 

Begin gathering all important materials, such as a transcript, recommendation letters, and parent’s tax information, so you can start filling out your college application, including personal information, extracurricular involvement, and your personal essay. Don’t forget to request materials that you currently don’t have prior to any college application deadlines – the earlier, the better. Additionally, many colleges will require additional supplemental materials to be submitted, such as another essay or two. The best way to prepare yourself, and be aware of all of the required components, is to either check the college’s website or review all parts of the application beforehand.

Second Part of Fall: Be ready to submit your college applications and start filling out financial aid applications to ensure your college experience can not only be enriching, but also affordable. Some of the financial aid applications are FAFSA, CSS, TAP, and the Dream Act Application, which can ultimately provide great financial assistance to make any college more affordable. 

Winter/First Part of Spring: To decrease the cost of attendance to any college, consider also applying for scholarships. Many organizations you would not expect offer scholarships, such as Burger King, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s. Applying to multiple scholarships increase your chances, and it can ultimately significantly reduce the total cost of college. 

Good luck making the most important choice of your your lives!!!