A Turning Point! What to do this summer?

Let’s all have fun this summer!


Shirin Khasanova, Contributor

In a blink of an eye, we are here! 

Congratulations students of FDR High School, the school year is coming to an end. We all have been waiting for this moment and awaiting the time where we finally get our summer night chills. Guess what? It is time to celebrate. Celebrate each and every achievement. Give yourself a tap on your back, because you deserve it! 

A day after the break begins, we start to think about what we can do this summer in order to be productive and happy. Some of our students might get jobs for the summer, some might choose internships, some might go on a vacation, or maybe do absolutely nothing. Every single one of these choices are great. But, let’s look at some things you might do in NYC for very cheap or free!


First stop you may want to consider is the Museum of Ice Cream. This place is filled with cuteness and instagrammable places. You get a free cone of ice cream, as well as an unforgettable experience. The ticket is $18 per person, and it is so worth it!!!

If you are into museums and won’t mind spending extra $10 for it, then consider visiting the Museum of Color! It costs $28 per person!


Now if you do not like ice cream or don’t want to be in a pink wonderland, then you might consider a $2 ride in the sky! It’s an NYC tram, to Roosevelt Island. 


Let’s say you do not like sitting in one place, but rather enjoy being active. Then, you may want to take a walk in Central Park in Manhattan, for free! If not, then you can have a picnic with friends under the Brooklyn Bridge. Or, just take a $5 nyc-taxi boat and have a great time traveling between the 5 boroughs of NYC. Too many places to choose from? 

All of the choices were great so far… but if you are a person like me, who doesn’t like spending time outdoors, then you may want to watch the following shows: The New Girl, The Seven Deadly Sins, YOU, All of the Harry Potter Series, The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, and every Avengers movie there is…I know that’s a lot of recommendations, but trust me, these are some of the best shows/movies there are. All of the movies are available to watch on either Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube! There are also sites such as Soap2Day, where you can find almost every movie for free (Get it at your own risk).

If you are more into reading, as a fellow reader, there are some recommendations as well! Books such as: SPEAK, Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries, Maze Runner, Shadow and Bone series, From Blood and Ash, The Awakening, and the Cruel Prince series are all a variety of different genres of books. You can pick your favorite one, or your next read, based on these. Trust me…I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t read myself! Books you may want to read can be found at public libraries. If you want to purchase them, some safe places are Amazon, Barnes & Noble and SecondSale! 

No matter what you chose to do this summer, remember to take care of yourself, heal yourself, love yourself, and do whatever makes you happy. Face next school year with a bright smile on your face and a clear head!