Underclassman of the Month – Nicole Lu


Abdullah Hashimi, Contributor

Congratulations to Nicole Lu for being chosen as the Underclassman of the Month at FDR! Nicole likes attending FDR, and its diverse student body. She loves how the diversity of the school allows her to meet so many people from different cultural backgrounds. She enjoys many of her classes at FDR. Nicole feels that all her teachers are responsible when it comes to providing assistance and getting students prepared for college.

Nicole loves learning about Math and Computer Art at FDR. They are her two favorite subjects. She enjoys experimenting with new things that she has never done before. Computer Art is a subject that pushes her creativity. As for Math, she likes it, because solving various problems keeps her entertained. On the clubs’ side of things, she is a proud member of the Student Government and Student Ambassadors at FDR. She joined these clubs because she thought that they were great opportunities for her to be more involved in our school’s community. She also thought that club members would help her learn new things. Clubs were a chance to improve herself, meet new people, and support her school community.

Some advice she has for new students at FDR, is quite simple- don’t panic! She says that if you stay calm and just keep your head up, you’ll be alright. The reason Nicole thinks she was chosen as Underclassman of the Month is because of her hardworking nature. She always tries to help others as much as she can, so we are confident in our decision to name her Underclassman of the Month!

Congrats Nicole!!!