Heard Of The MSK Club?


As we return to school, after over a year of online learning, one main change is clubs and after school activities. Joining clubs and attending club meetings just isn’t the same through a computer screen, but now we are able to meet with the club members in person. The MSK (My Sister’s Keeper) club is one that started just a year ago, and MSK is excited to welcome all new members who are interested in joining. The club aims to run based on the interest of its members and provide a welcoming environment for all females to speak of their interests and ideas for the club. The New Dealer was lucky to interview Ms Tasher, one of the club’s two advisors.

New Dealer: What would you consider the main goal of the club and what do you hope to achieve this year?

Ms Tasher: The main goal of the club is to bring together girls and support them in their future- like learning about different careers and schools to pursue.  Some may be interested in community service and joining together to give back to FDR and Brooklyn. Others may truly just want a safe space to speak, have fun, and meet people outside of class.  The goal is to support all of these visions at once. 

New Dealer: Do you hope to arrange any events this year, and if so, what types of events?

Ms Tasher: Of course we hope to arrange some events!  However, safety is a top priority, so we have to assess what is feasible and allows everyone to feel safe.  Our game night was a success with 50 attendees.  We hosted a town-hall last year remotely. We would love to do a cultural event that brings together all of the clubs.  Maybe by spring we can do something light-hearted and celebratory for the seniors.  

New Dealer: When did this club start and what motivated you to start the MSK club?

Ms Tasher: MSK was founded at FDR a year ago, February 2021.  It is an initiative of NYC schools, as a way to empower girls of color. Currently the greatest motivation is to give our female students a sense of normalcy and a space to connect with other girls.  Making changes, serving our community, and striving to reach our girls is on the list, but connecting with each other and forming a bond comes first. Therefore, girls will want to come back and stay consistent. 

New Dealer: How many members of the club contributed to it, over the past year?

Ms Tasher: I would say about 30 girls total.  Some have graduated, some are focused on other things, but a total of 30 in a year would be a fair estimate. 

MSK clubs meetings are held every other Wednesday and from 2:55 to 4:30pm,  and it is open both ninth and tenth period to accommodate freshmen and upperclassmen. If you are interested in joining, feel free to email Ms. Tasher at [email protected] or Ms. Rabassa at [email protected] .