Upperclassman Of The Month – Lina Jiang!


Kudos to Lina Jiang for being FDR’s Upperclassman of the Month! Lina has grown to appreciate FDR more and more, especially since she is now a senior. Her first impression of FDR wasn’t all that positive. However, with time, opportunities, and great people, she has come to think otherwise. She loves the diversity at FDR, and how it’s still possible to stand out. All in all, she is very positive about her experience at FDR and wouldn’t want to attend any other school. 

History is Lina’s favorite subject here at FDR. She likes the subject because of how it makes her socially aware, about both the past and the present. History also aligns with many of her interests in social activism. Thanks to her history classes, Lina feels she is further able to use her voice to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves in her community. Lina is highly involved on FDR’s Student Government. She is also a part of The New Dealer, Student Ambassadors, First Generation Club, and the National Honors Society. In these clubs, she was able to find her voice and learn how to be a better leader and team player. All of the clubs she is a part of revolve around having an impact on the school and improving FDR for the better. Each and every one of these activities has given her purpose, and Lina is passionate about all of them.

The best advice Lina would give to any new student at FDR is to branch out and get outside of their comfort zone. She says that there are so many things that everyone is capable of and that you should strive to reach your full potential. Lina believes participating in extracurricular activities, you are passionate about, is a great way to enjoy your time at FDR. She emphasizes that joining clubs, purely for the college application credit, is not a good way to spend high school.

Lina thinks she was chosen as Upperclassman of the Month, due to her dedication to improving FDR, as well as her communication with peers. The most important factor she believes, however, is that someone believed in her and her capabilities. How could anyone not believe in Lina? Her attitude towards change, and improving our world, make her an outstanding person and student leader!

Congratulations Lina, FDR won’t be the same without you next year! Good luck in college!