YingYin Huang- The Underclassman Of The Month!


Congratulations to YingYin Huang, our Underclassman of the Month! YingYin is a motivated and diligent student. YingYin loves attending FDR, because her teachers are amazing and their lessons are very interesting. YingYin really appreciates that when she faces challenges, her teachers are right there to support and help her. She feels very safe and comfortable at FDR.

YingYin’s favorite subjects are Social Studies and Math. She loves all the skills practiced in each class and the projects. YingYin’s boldness to participate, allows her classmates to have a great example of an active learner. According to Ms. Joute, “When it comes to her writing, YingYin used to be a timid writer, but she looks for opportunities to improve and ask for help when needed. YingYin demonstrates her Social Studies knowledge by practicing historical thinking skills and challenging herself to use content vocabulary in her writing.”  YingYin continues to strengthen her writing by applying constructive criticism immediately after it is given. When YingYin does not get her work correct the first time, she will get her grades as close to perfection as possible! Wow!

YingYin definitely sounds like a Cougar Star! Keep making all of us proud YingYin!!!