A Dear John Letter To FDR High School


Dear FDR High School,

I must admit I was in disbelief when I first saw you, not because I was excited to begin the highly anticipated high school journeybut because I had to walk past an entire cemetery just to find you. It created a rather… interesting first impression, to say the least. Seriously, how many schools can you name in the country that are right next to a cemetery? Since then, I’ve spent almost every morning lounging in the school library, which provided me with an excellent view of the cemetery (and it’s a pretty awesome study spot, too).

Although my years in high school were cut short (thanks to COVID-19), I’ve learned a great deal thanks to you. In these four years, never once have I lost my student ID (I’m incredibly proud of this), I’ve learned that I have severe glossophobia, and my dislike for school lunch never got any better. However, FDR was also where I developed my passions, branched out of my comfort zone, and connected with teachers I’m immensely grateful for (I’m looking at you, Ms. Perez). Needless to say, what we had was something special. 

Unfortunately, I’m breaking up with you. I’ve committed to college and am ready to pursue higher educational enrichment. Let’s face it, you and I were never going to work out long term. As I began to accept the fact that these are the final months of my senior year, I notice the tiny things: the black specks-covered ceilings, violets in the grass, and random electrical outlets in the hallways. Was I supposed to know where it was? I thought you would’ve told me.

I’ve heard you’re in the works of improving yourself, which is great to hear. But in any case, don’t call me. We’re parting our ways for good. Of course, I might just come back and complain about college, but that’ll be another story. So… I guess I’ll see you around?


Li Na