Underclassman of The Month – Angelina Raymond


Congratulations to Angelina Raymond, on becoming this school year’s final Underclassman of the Month! Angelina enjoys attending FDR, because it is very diverse and embraces various different cultures. She notes, how at FDR, you will always have a community of people that care for you and your future.

Angelina’s favorite subjects at FDR are English, Dramatic Literature, and AP World History. The Humanities seem to be her favorite subjects. One of her favorite things to do in her free time is to read, so as a result, English & Dramatic Literature are two classes that she enjoys very dearly. As for AP World History, it’s one of her favorite classes because of how much she loves analyzing the past and seeing its parallels to the present. Angelina is involved in two very different, but very important, clubs here at FDR. She is a member of the Mock Trial Club and the Lounge Club. She joined Mock Trial last year, because she wanted to get involved in an extracurricular that could help her develop various public speaking skills. As for the Lounge, she joined, because she has a firm belief in the importance of mental health, especially in the current times we are living in. Overall, these clubs teach important lessons that Angelina will be sure to use in her life.

Advice Angelina would give to any new student here at FDR, is for them to truly try and get to know their peers and teachers well. She affirms that by establishing good relations, it makes it easier to reach out when help is needed, due to the support system. She is very wise in mentioning this support system, because it is an essential tool for having a healthy high school career. Angelina also says to try and get involved with the school community, whether that be in clubs or other activities. This is not only beneficial to your school life, but to your college applications. From being involved, she says you will learn important life skills, meet new people, and learn new things.

Lastly, Angelina believes that she was chosen as the Underclassman of the Month due to  her good work ethic. We at, The New Dealer, congratulate you Angelina, for this momentous achievement. We hope you enjoy the rest of your high school career at FDR.