Our New COSA for FDR and Student Government, Ms. Hurd!!!!


A teacher holds importance when shaping their students’ academic lives. Teachers have an important responsibility which students may not understand all the time. Teachers dedicate their time for the greater good of their students. The New Dealer was lucky to interview our new COSA (Coordinator of Student Affairs) for FDR and the Student Government, Ms. Hurd! She has dedicated her time to better the academic and social experiences of all FDR students!

The New Dealer: Why did you apply to become the new COSA? What is a typical day like for you in this position? 

Ms. Hurd: I like events and being able to throw fun things together for kids. I would do these things prior to having this job in my classrooms, such as having a Bob Ross paint event and turning my classroom into a Starbucks! I wanted to do that on a larger scale for all students, so this job allowed me to do so. Depending on the morning, Student Government will come in early, and we will either have meetings or talk about activities we are going to be doing. I don’t teach periods one through five, so I am in this office (119) having people ask me about clubs, events, or meetings. I teach Chemistry sixth and seventh periods, while ending off my day in my office with the Student Government. 

The New Dealer: Great thank you! The next question I am going to ask is: Do you feel that there are areas in our school that need improvement? If so, what can we do to change it? 

Ms. Hurd: I think one of the reasons I took this job is because I feel like we need to build up school culture a little more. It’s important for students to feel welcome in the place where they are spending most of their time. By making sure everyone is involved, I can help with school culture by making sure there are events and clubs for all types of students. 

The New Dealer: What are some of the goals you have for this school year? 

Ms. Hurd: I want to successfully put on seasonal dances. This is something that has been lacking. I also want to include more multicultural events at school. We have such a diverse school, it’s really important to show it off! One of my main goals is making sure that representation and events are there for all students.  

The New Dealer: OK, this next question I have for you stems from an interested student’s perspective. What do you think are some challenges facing students today? How do you think student activities can help? 

Ms. Hurd: There are so many things facing students today. However, social media, plays a big role in people feeling like an outcast, or not feeling included in things. I think that social media has made people feel really isolated. Putting on events, activities, and having clubs for students to be involved with- takes students away from the phone and that virtual world. Live events put you in a place that’s more engaging with more human contact, which I believe is really important for people’s success. Especially, coming out of a pandemic. I think so many people struggle with mental health. There are many different clubs and activities for different people. We now have the Health and Fitness Club which is a good outlet for people’s mental health. There are too many prominent mental health issues because of social media. 

The New Dealer: Sounds good thank you, What type of events are you looking forward to having at FDR? 

Ms. Hurd: Oh so fun! I’m definitely trying to do a Spirit Week with Homecoming. I want Homecoming to be a bigger deal this year, because I think it is really important for us to support the football team and make that a big deal. Dances I think are going to be fun. I want to throw some events that are recommended to me by students, so I’m looking forward to being able to throw events that students want to do. I’m really open to ideas. 

The New Dealer: How can students become more involved at FDR?

Ms. Hurd: Clubs are a good way to start and if you’re not in a club, there is a list of clubs for people to be a part of. If you don’t find a club that is for you, find a way to start one! It is always great to be involved and meet new people. 

The New Dealer: This last question is broader, but are there any special messages for Cougar Nation? 

Ms. Hurd: If you want to do anything at school come to 119! My door is always open regardless of who you are, just come on in! 

A special thank you to Ms. Hurd for taking the time to speak with The New Dealer. She is a very caring teacher who wants the best for the FDR community! We are lucky to have her!