Take The Poll!! Is Homework A Necessity?


Abigail Walkker, Contributor

Homework- we all know it, and we all hate it. According to crimsonnews.org, an Italian teacher named Roberto Nevilis began assigning homework to students as a punishment for misdemeanors in the classroom. However, in modern times, it is assigned daily. This raises the question- if homework was originally intended as punishment is it beneficial to students? Some say that these assignments add extra stress and cause students to perform at a lower rate due to lack of sleep. “Teachers who give homework every day are just being unnecessarily controlling of our time,” according to Zain Chaudry, when questioned about the impact of homework on his life. Zain claims, “he stopped caring,” due to the excessive amount teachers assign on a daily basis.

Many students actually swear by the essential importance of homework. Homework allows students to review the lesson they have learned in class, “it is necessary,” says Abdullah Hashimi, President of the Student Body at FDR High School. However, for students who are not top-performing, homework can cause them to fall behind in class. With each teacher individually giving assignments- they pile up, with most students receiving 3 hours of homework a night. This leaves students with no time to recuperate, making their performance in school worse.  When discussing this issue with students most agree that homework, although helpful for review, is not necessary to have every day. Daily homework is torture, depriving students of the necessary time to sleep and prepare for the next day of school. What do you think, should students receive daily homework?

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