Upperclassman of the Month- Elijah Moore


Zain Chaudhry, Contributor

Congratulations are in order for our Upperclassmen of the Month, Elijah Moore! Elijah is a hardworking student, who has succeeded both academically and in extracurriculars. Elijah likes FDR, because he gets to meet people from a variety of different backgrounds. He loves the diversity, and how FDR students are kind and easy to be friends with. In addition, he enjoys the friendliness of the teachers here at FDR. Elijah is impressed by the range of different classes offered at FDR. It allows students to challenge themselves on many levels.

Elijah really enjoys Math and Science, as he loves challenging himself. He believes that those two subjects are able to present many interesting equations and problems. He finds problem solving to be intriguing, and he likes the skills and solutions required when studying these subjects. Not only does Elijah focus on his school work, but he also is a valuable member of our Varsity Football team. Since freshman year Elijah has been on the team, and he works together with his teammates to bring home victories for FDR! Originally, Elijah joined the team as a means to make friends. However, he decided that his prior experience playing helped him excel. Being able to balance both his education, and extracurriculars, really showcases how hard Elijah works. He is truly a dedicated Cougar!

The advice Elijah would offer to new students at FDR is they should take on classes they may be apprehensive about. He finds it important to challenge yourself, and push yourself, in order to really reach your full potential. Getting out of your comfort zone is important to Elijah, and he believes that others should do the same. Another piece of advice he shared was that students should make friends with people who are different from them. He says that it is important to have a diverse group of friends in order to broaden your thinking. Instead of just being friends with people who are like you, you should be friends with people who can teach you new things, new lessons, and bring you new experiences. By doing this, he says you can maximize your experience at FDR and grow as a person. 

When asked why he was chosen to be an Upperclassman of the Month, Elijah said that he was not sure. He thinks that his commitment to both his classes, and team sports, helped him be a promising candidate for the honor. By being a well rounded student, during and after school, Elijah has earned the position and title of Upperclassmen of the Month! Congratulations Elijah!!