John Is Getting It Done!


FDR High School runs thanks to a group of hard workers! I think we can all agree that John Cassata is one of those hard workers. Some of you may be wondering, who is John Cassata?

John is our school’s Purchasing Secretary, as well as the man who organizes FDR’s deliveries. As Purchasing Secretary, he is responsible for doing the purchase orders with his co-purchasing secretary, researching any issues he has with vendors. He receives and delivers all the packages in the building. John has worked at FDR since March of 2016, making this March his 7th year here! When John first started in the school building, he was a school aide. The first year and a half, he was making deliveries, opening, and checking the boxes- bringing the packaging slips to the then Purchasing Secretary. A little after that, he was doing the purchase orders, and he had access to look up the POs and gradually gained more responsibilities. He dealt with the delivery guys and the staff. 

Students at FDR go day to day, without acknowledging the many support staff behind closed doors. A day here for John is hectic. His day starts off with reviewing and checking all the boxes that came in the prior day, as well as sorting them and getting them delivered to the departments. He has to check in any of the supply tickets that came in from the departments and make sure they get delivered. He does purchase orders for new items, the school will be buying and contacts any vendors with any questions the school might have with reference to the purchase orders. 

Unlike most people who aren’t fond of their jobs and career, John enjoys everything about his work. He enjoys talking to the vendors, and he enjoys going around to all the departments and meeting all the teachers and the other support staff in the building. His least favorite part would have to be dealing with the guys that deliver the items, because they are not as helpful. John has to help the delivery guys unload the trucks and bring it in the school building. When he first worked here in this department, the original people were working in the basement and all the deliveries that came in went to the main office where the receptionist was. The purchasing secretary then would open up the boxes and make sure everything was intact there. She would call the guys downstairs to deliver it. That was the process then. However, when John took over, instead of being downstairs he moved the supply room upstairs. All of the deliveries, instead of going to the main office would come through his office instead. This is a much more efficient way of delivery. 

John has done a lot for our school. More than we could ever know. The New Dealer would like to thank John for taking the time to have an interview with us. We appreciate everything you do for this school!