Kenzy Hassan- Our Junior Cougar Of The Month!!


The New Dealer would like to congratulate Kenzy Hassan, for earning the title of Junior Cougar of the Month here at FDR! Kenzy is an active participant in our school community and values hard work. From the rigorous classes, to the theater stage, Kenzy is great at pursuing her interests. Attending FDR is one of the highlights in her life. She feels as though FDR is unique from every other high school, that may or may not be well known. She enjoys every second of her school day! 

Kenzy currently has a schedule to her liking, with Photography, Geometry and AP literature. She has a vast amount of likes and dislikes. History does not appeal to her, because she likes more of a challenge. While always being good at mathematics, Kenzy is interested in solving the problems and the strategic ways of going about things. Photography, and having fun in AP Literature, adds up to a good year overall! 

Kenzy loves to participate and be involved here at FDR, because she can participate in all aspects of her interests and talents. Theater helps Kenzy express her talent through acting and being on stage. She works on developing her confidence by getting comfortable with public speaking as an Ambassador. As for sports, Kenny practices one of the only sports she is drawn to- volleyball!   

Advice Kenzy would like to pass on to young Cougars, is to first, establish your interests and act on them with hard work. Secondly, is to branch out into clubs and organizations to explore what FDR has to offer outside the classroom. 

With all that can be done during your junior year, Kenzy has tried them all! She is dedicated and hard working. The New Dealer would like to congratulate Kenzy on her Cougar of the Month achievement!