Ms. Repole’s Climate And Culture!


Monday through Friday, the school’s hallways are crowded during the passing periods. Even with the Deans guiding traffic! Hidden in the gridlock is the potential for a problem, the halls could crumble like the walls of Rome, but she’s there too. Watching. A year of “school days” has turned her into a vigilant eagle. The eerie aura the hallways once experienced, has been vanquished. This individual, who we have to thank for this newfound tranquility in the hallways, is none other than Ms. Repole!

Ms. Repole, the new AP of Climate and Culture, has shown excellence in how the job should be done. With this new change in leadership, and department name, there are questions! Why the name change? This initiative was to create a positive connotation behind the name of the department. The prior, “Safety and Security,” sounded as if the students were being kept in a cage. This new name of, “Climate and Culture,” shows more care for the students and their well being. Ms. Repole was a guidance counselor before she took on the mantle of being an AP. She is fond of working alongside our Deans and visualizing the perspective of FDR students. Another common question asked was how, “Climate and Culture,” differed from, “Safety and Security,” in disciplining students. One of many great achievements that Ms. Repole has brought to the position is her communication between guidance counselors and Deans, to further assist her in creating a stronger school community. She does not want the Dean’s Office to focus mostly on punishment.

Ms. Repoles, “Climate and Culture,” focuses on reform and solving issues before they arise; via the consortium between guidance counselors and Deans. Ms. Repole also focuses on greater care towards the students’ mental health rather than a suspension. She is always willing to reach out to parents before she takes any actions. She believes when all sides work together; teachers, Deans, students, and parents will find a solution. A struggle for Ms. Repole has been the tactician side of the job- thinking on the spot and dealing with every problem as it pops up. With a job like this, she is not to blame, you cannot plan ahead for problems. Ms. Repole is one to plan everything out and tackle the problem before it even occurs. However, this new position has challenged her. She handles this problem very well by finding a new approaches and having help from the Deans, parents, and guidance counselors to better anticipate situations.

Ms. Repole is very grateful that she is able to work alongside students, since that is why she went into teaching and becoming a guidance counselor. Being the AP of Climate and Culture, she is still able to have that aspect and have more impact helping students on a daily basis. A special thank you to Ms. Repole, for all she does for the school and how well she has done in her first year as our new AP. She has done a wonderful job in keeping us safe!