Senior Cougar Of The Month – Zain Chaudhry


Congratulations to Zain Chaudhry for his newfound place in the FDR Hall of Fame! Zain is the Cougar of the Month! Zain absolutely loves attending FDR, due to the vast amount of clubs, sports teams, and other groups where students can find their place. He believes that FDR is a place where it’s very hard to feel “left out.” It’s a place where everyone can feel included.

Some of Zain’s favorite subjects include History and Science. He loves History because of how interesting it is to look back and see how the world has evolved. He believes History doesn’t just show how the world has changed, but also, the impact people, cultures, and technologies have had on us. He claims it truly puts into perspective how far we have come as humans and society as a whole. Another aspect of History that he loves is that there are always different points of view, as to why things happen. Zain is intrigued by the butterfly effect and the concept that one moving piece can have an impact on history as a whole. Zain’s second favorite subject is Science. He says it truly advances everything we see and do. The specific science that he’s interested in is forensic science, which aids in criminal law and studies. He intends to study criminal law in college as well. Zain loves that forensic science is a vast discipline, where there’s always more to learn.

Zain is in a multitude of clubs at school. He is on Student Government, Student Ambassadors, The New Dealer, and NHS. He loves each and every one of them! He says each of them teaches him a new important life skill. Student Government has taught him how to work well with people, and it has helped with his leadership skills. Student Ambassadors have made him a more sociable person, rather than the shy and introverted self he used to be. NHS enabled him to branch out of his comfort zone and strive for new endeavors. Finally, The New Dealer has taught him that his voice is heard even if it is through writing. He has learned how important it is to advocate for, not only yourself, but others. He enjoys writing about things that need light to be shed on them.

The advice he’d give to new students at FDR is to join various clubs and teams. He notes it is the best way to learn your way around the building and build strong connections with coaches and teachers. He also reminds Cougars that this will aid you in your senior year, when you need recommendations. Zain says it’s also just nice to have an adult at school who you can trust and talk to whenever you need them- that connection is built through after-school activities. 

Zain believes he was chosen as Cougar of the Month because of all the things he does at our school. He notes his involvement as a podcast, and Cougar News Network anchor, with Student Government, as well as being a part of the yearbook played a role. Zain is very humble and grateful for his position as Cougar of the Month. He is an integral part of the FDR community, and we’re glad to have him here on The New Dealer, as the Assistant editor!