This Year’s Science Expo!


Science, when searched on Google, gets a definition of, “the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.” Though this is a clear definition, science is much more than what we perceive it to be. Our individualistic understandings will vary from what we believe things to be, and what impact they have on us and the environment. Ms. Williams, our AP of the Science Department, has organized an upcoming Science Expo here at FDR which will have incredible student participation! Here is The New Dealer‘s interview with Ms. Williams!

The New Dealer: What is the purpose of this year’s Science Expo?

Ms. Williams: The Science Expo is more than kids just putting projects together, it’s demonstrating what they have learned and how things function. The purpose is to demonstrate how science is in our everyday life. Exposing students to how science connects to the real world is one of our main goals. 

The New Dealer: It’s great to have students show their interests through an expo! When will the Science Expo take place? 

Ms. Williams: Wednesday, April 26th, periods four to seven in gym A and B. We would love for students to join us with participation, setting up, and involvement. 

The New Dealer: What should we expect from the day’s events? 

Ms. Williams: There will be students’ Chemistry, Living Environment, and Forensic projects. There will be Earth Day celebrations, and students’ plan on building a crime scene to demonstrate how real science investigators go about solving a crime. We have invited the FBI to come! We have confirmation and are  now just waiting to find out who they will be sending. We plan on having them as a part of the crime scene area. You can expect to move through projects, and Demo Derbies, with students and teachers doing demonstrations in science while having a fun day of learning. 

The New Dealer:  What is this year’s Science Expo going to look like in terms of agenda? 

Ms. Williams: The theme is, “ always question- always wonder.” In terms of agenda, teachers will be sent a Google link to register their kids to come down to the Science Expo during certain periods. It’s only periods four to seven, so students will move around. Going back to our theme, it is great to expose students to always ask questions out of curiosity if they are unsure about something. Wanting to always find a deeper meaning to something, and seeing how your different decisions have different outcomes, is something the Science Expo has to offer. We want to push students to think more critically. 

The New Dealer: Will students win awards? How will it be determined?

Ms. Williams: There will be judges from outside of our school. Students will win different awards from different categories- with most creative, most innovative…etc. 

This day will be a lot of fun! FDR’s creative minds are at work to capture the attention of all the our students and spark their interests. The New Dealer would like to thank Ms. Williams for taking the time to have this interview and expo!