FDR’s Top Ten And Their Favorite Moments!


These four years of high school have shown us how to go through unprecedented events. It has had students face hurdle after hurdle! However, our graduating seniors fought tooth and claw, rising above the dangerous waters! Keeping up with the rigor of your education, while in a global pandemic, is no easy feat. Adjusting to life, post-quarantine, was a whole other experience that students faced. The New Dealer would like to highlight the hard work of FDR’s Top Ten, by showcasing each of their favorite moments and memories at FDR. Without further ado, we present to you the Top Ten.

Yu Ting Wu – It’s hard to say what my favorite moment from FDR is, as there’s been a lot of fun memories throughout these 4 years. Although, a recent moment that I enjoyed was when we (the yearbook staff) finalized and published the yearbook! I was one of the copy editors for the yearbook, so it was really cool to see all of the hard work we put into this book and for it, to finally be completed. Of course, the moment that will top this is when all the seniors receive the yearbooks! I’m really excited to see how it will turn out. This book only represents one chapter of our lives, as we will graduate and continue on to another. 🙂

Ruhshona Sayfiddinova – My favorite moment from FDR was when I found out that I got into the Macaulay honors program. What makes it even more memorable is that I got the acceptance email on my birthday in class while surrounded by my close friends. I’ll always remember that day, because I saw what true friendship is and the outcomes of hard work and determination. I am glad that I got to spend such memories with friends that care for me.

Nicole Ng – My favorite moment was when I slapped a giant fly on the cafeteria table in the morning, to save my friend- and it bounced on another girl’s hair ??? bzzt bzzt uwu.

Tony Li – Entering high school was a crazy moment for me having to transfer in August, then having to figure this out. Entering freshman orientation, no sports teams wanted me. To now in my last year of high school, being a starter on every sports team I played. On the academics side for me, it was pretty challenging staying up till 2-3 in the morning just to do homework, because you joined a team.

Abdullah Hashimi – I’ve had so many beautiful and endearing memories throughout my four years here at FDR. There are so many memories I want to showcase and people I want to acknowledge for the bewildering impacts they have had on my life. Although there is so much I want to say, I’ll leave you with one memory I value very dearly and which I think you’ll enjoy. Like all good memories, this one begins with the sun. The yellow rays lit the vibrant grass like flames spreading throughout Kindle. We lay there on the grass with our notebooks tossed to the side, remnants of a study session that went as well as any study session with your friends can get. My head on a stomach and two legs on top of my own, we lay there on the campus from the end of 9th period to long after most students had returned to their homes. The sun kept us warm, the grass cushioned our bodies, and we rest in limbo. It was a moment in time where nothing else existed, nothing else mattered but the present. It marks one of the few times in my life where I was completely grounded and living in the present. I enjoyed that time with my friends, it’s a memory I will cherish for years to come, and hope it’s something that encourages everyone who reads it, to lie on the grass with their own friends. I hope more students are able to make memories as I did; laying with their friends right on the grass, being lit by yellow rays which keep them and their souls warm.

Zifu Zeng – My favorite memory from FDR is the Culture Fest from last year 2022, because that was such a big event with lots of things you could do- and have fun with and play with friends!

Lindsay Bueno – My favorite memories made at FDR would have to be the ones alongside my teammates on the volleyball team. It was an honor being their captain, as I was able to witness the genuine love and support we had for one another on and off the court. Our last game of the season made me heavily reflect on our journey as a team. My genuine passion for volleyball taught me hard work, dedication, and confidence which has truly been a beautiful experience, and I will forever be grateful for that.