Once A Cougar! Always A Cougar!


Kristina Sanchez , Contributor

Growing up I presumingly imagined my high school experience to be that of a movie. An endless sing off, a long awaited dance battle and my ever dying need to have a dramatic exit for EVERY situation. The thin line between imagination and reality is where I found the most comfort. As I am now close to graduation, I can finally look back and appreciate every step I took to get me where I am today. 

From freshman orientation to my first schedule, I have tremendously grown from a fourteen year old girl to an incoming freshman in college. Socializing, public speaking, and confidence are three factors I lacked for a majority of my life. Coming into high school, as a kept to myself, I soon realized this wasn’t going to get me very far if I don’t change it now. So I asked myself, what can I join? As excited as I was to get out there and tackle some clubs our school offers, I was hit with a pandemic and soon a quarantine. Half of my freshman year was taken away and then my whole sophomore year was gone in a blink of an eye. Working hard and joining as many clubs as I could made me learn that I loved to be involved in our school community. It isn’t only important to get involved for your college application, but you should always be willing to learn something new, whether that be public speaking, creative writing or even a teacher’s assistant. I chose to challenge myself. 

At some point you mentally change your perspectives and mature as you get older. Believing everything people say and agreeing with most stupidity, you are bound to stay in place as a solidified form. Learning, growing, and getting to experience more through these school activities have not only given me confidence, but it has made me into a better person today. I feel I’ve gotten to know more of our school’s faculty members and myself in the process. Knowing more about your surroundings, and people behind the curtains, have made me understand the hard work that goes into running a school building.

I can say I have learned a lot from the educational aspect of school, but from my clubs and my community service, I have gained far more valuable knowledge than anything else. Growing up was never about looking older and being able to do the things you want to do. Growing up is having responsibilities and facing challenges you never thought you’d be able to face alone. Coming to an end and now closing this chapter, thank you for being you. Alway be a courage!