Sophomore of the Month – Kevin Yee Pong Lam


The Sophomore of the Month is The New Dealer’s very own Kevin Yee Pong Lam. Kevin recently moved here from Hong Kong. Welcome to the FDR family! He considers FDR as his second home, and everybody is just an essential part of that family. Being new to the school, he is still getting used to the environment and making new pals. Kevin has joined the Cougar Publications team.  He is currently writing about Asian countries, but next year he will be taking over Current Events. He would not change schools, because at FDR the people around him aren’t boring. He has also begun self-preparation for the SAT exam. Kevin believes he is doing fine in all his classes, but thinks there’s always room for improvement. He thinks that it’s challenging to adapt to the new teaching strategies of every teacher, and he thinks he’s on track. Kevin’s favorite subject is English.  He will definitely want to take AP or English Honors in his junior year. As a sophomore, Kevin believes it’s crucial to make up your mind on what kind of job you would like to apply to and have in the future. In addition, Kevin thinks students should consider what major they should take in college. Kevin believes he was selected, because he is new to the school and very enthusiastic about making it a better place. Keep up the good work Kevin, and hope you’re enjoying being part of the cougar family.