Senior of the Month – Ivan Gubarev


Ivan Gubarev is October’s Senior of the Month. According to Ivan, everything is perfect with his senior schedule.  Though he would like to have two periods of weight training. He hasn’t made up his mind about a specific college, but he wants to study International Affairs. Ivan’s favorite teacher is Mr. Sullivan, because he encouraged him a whole lot, not only with his education, but also in real life. He is a person that Ivan can always rely on if he needs advice.

Ivan is part of the Cougar Publications family, as well as the amazing Yearbook team. He is also an active member of the National Honors Society. He really enjoys being a participant, because it allows him to contribute to his school and raise school spirit. In addition, Ivan is a member of the Wrestling team and helps out with the Boys Table Tennis team. Ivan’s advice for the future graduates is to work hard, never give up, and be active in FDR to make a difference. He was nominated to be the Senior of the Month, because he works hard in his classes and is involved with making FDR a better place.