Nijear Mitchell – Upperclassman of the Month


A special congratulations to Nijear Michell, FDR’s Upperclassman of the Month. Nijear is one of FDR’s favorite cougars. He is a dedicated student and an outstanding role model for our younger students.

Nijear finds FDR to be a great place, where teachers motivate their students to achieve their goals! He also feels the school prepares students for college and life. Nijear’s favorite subjects include English, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish, because he loves to gain knowledge about the world. Nijear has not had a chance to be involved in school clubs, but he is a model for the High Hopes Design T-Shirt Company. Nijear would like continue to be a model in the future.

In Nijear’s opinion, new students at FDR should embrace as many opportunities as possible, and do not let anyone tell them that they can’t. According to Nijear, if you can just be yourself, you will eventually reach your goals. Nijear thinks he was chosen to be the Upperclassman of the Month, because he is determined to graduate from high school and be ready for college and the future. Way to go Nijear! We are proud to call you a Cougar!