Elena Grubova- Freshman of the Month


Elena Grubova is the Freshman of the Month!  Elena is not only a new member of the Cougar Family, she is a new American.  She recently moved to the U.S. from Uzbekistan.  Elena really likes attending FDR.  She enjoys her schedule and the selection of subjects she is taking.  Elena has not had the chance to join any clubs or teams yet, because she has been focusing and spending special attention on her studies.  Her priority right now is mastering the English language.  However, she looks forward to getting more involved.   The advice Elena would give a recent arrival to FDR, like herself, would be to work on your communication skills. Improving your ability to speak English, will make the transition much easier.  Elena thinks that she was selected to be the Freshman of the Month, because she is working hard in her classes and achieving high grades.  Welcome to FDR Elena!!