Ms. Sorokoff Talks School Fashion


Ms. Sheila Sorokoff, from the Instructional Support Department of FDR, is hands down a fashionista. Her style is very minimalistic and chic, very basic pieces styled uniquely. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Sorokoff in her office, where I was able to have an amazing talk about style and everything else. She has always had an artsy side to her and interest in fashion. Throughout her teenage years she tried out many different styles, till she found the one which was suitable. To her, “fashion is enhancing who you are as a person.” She often finds inspiration from runways and finds similar pieces. While talking to her, she often stressed the importance of being comfortable and dressing to impress herself not anyone else.

Her style is very minimalistic, but she revealed having two sides of her wardrobe. She has the everyday casual, and a much more funkier side, which comes from her being a dancer. She is not afraid to express herself through the different looks and try different trends. Dressing accordingly to the occasion is something she stressed. You have to be dressed based on where you are going, and its her formula to styling outfits. The essential in her wardrobe, was not one piece, but many pieces like bags, shoes and accessories which really pull an outfit together.

Ms. Sorokoff brings individuality to her outfits. It can be the same piece which many others have, but styled by her, it looks completely different. She is very true to herself and does not dress for anyone else’s approval. Her outfits are her decisions and based on what she wants not anyone else. One of the message which she really wants people to understand is not to follow anybody but to be yourself.

I also had a round of quick fire session with her, which you can get the inside scoop on below:

Q:Vintage or Runway?

A: Runway

Q: Carrie Bradshaw or Samantha Jones?

A: Samantha Jones

Q: Craziest piece you own?

A: Red spangled jumpsuit. (would love to see that)

Q: Define your style in one word.

A: Modern.

Q: Celebrity style inspiration?

A: Cate Blanchett

Q: “Dress for success” outfit?

A: Preferably something tailored.

Q: Most stylish place in the world?

A: New York city. ( couldn’t agree more)

Q: Advice to teens.

A: “Not to follow fads or celebrities. Be comfortable in your own skin, then add skin which enhances yourself.”

A special thanks to Ms. Sorokoff, for taking the time to share her insights on fashion and being oneself!